Make in India’ is a Lion’s Step!

-Narendra Modi


With the sudden and bewildering changes in the Indian market, how to find opportunities for app development?The Indian market has tremendous potential with its large population and nearly 500 million smartphone users. But many companies operating in India were caught unprepared by India’s latest ban on apps with Chinese backgrounds.

The year of 2019 and early 2020 had been the year of Chinese Apps with the success of apps like “TikTok”, which became the No.1 non-Gaming application in the United States in September,2019. But the success did not last long, as several accusations regarding the censorship, misuse of data, and external influence of China resulted in Dulling the shine of this “entertaining” and “famous” Chinese Application.

And as result of aforestated accusations and in the Thick of the rising tension between the two countries, the Indian government through its Ministry of Electronic and information technology had banned 59 Chinese Applications including the universally acclaimed Apps “TikTok” and “Shein” on 29th June 2020. The government banned these applications invoking its Powers under the Information Technology Act,2000 read with the Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking of Access of Information by Public) Rules 2009 In the last few years, a total 321 Chinese applications were banned including the largest gaming platform “Pub-G” and “Baidu”, largest Chinese search engine.

And again in 2023, the Indian Government banned over 200 Apps, mostly with Chinese Links on an “urgent” and “emergency” basis. The action has been initiated under Section 69 of the IT Act as they contain “material which is prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India,” confirmed media reports.The move was initiated after several complaints of extortion and harassment of individuals by online lending and finance apps, mostly linked to Chinese developers


After the Ban of Chinese Apps in India in the year 2020, while most of the entrepreneurs and tech giants were still figuring out the Indian Market in order to launch Apps which would  act as substitutes for Chinese Apps, the Top-Class Entertainment LLP, a fully equipped and fast-growing global tech company dealing with in app purchasing commodities already had launched apps which would act as substitutes for the banned Chinese apps. The Company’s latest venture is Dream LIVE, which is a content-based platform. The company is headquartered in India unlike other apps, the CEO believes in “Make in India” venture.The apps owned by this company have established footprints with a strong presence in South-East Asia, Southern Asia, The Middle East as well as the United States of America.

Dream LIVE is leading global audio and video-based online community for global talents owned by Top-Class Entertainment LLP. In amidst of all this the social media industry in India is on a Raise and has been making its way to global footfall. With the high yielding app, Dream LIVE in the Market, the Indian Industry is finally seeing its “Achhe Din”.

They regime of Chinese apps is mostly taking money from their users and using the money illegally and invading their data privacy. One of their Malpractices also included evading taxes, the other handDreamLive is an app which pays proper taxes on each transaction and is nothing like the banned Chinese Apps. The App DreamLivecan be trusted  as it is very safe and secured and  does not believe in defrauding the audience unlike the Chinese apps. The app does not have any ulterior motive and its only aim is to be the No.1 entertainment platform in India.

This venture  has filled the gap with the homegrown apps and brought investments. The app qualifies as a local alternative to previously banned apps in order to meet the specific needs and interests of Indians which has resulted in a growing investment boom.

The Creativity of the “Chanakya” of the Streaming world, Mr. Suprakash Saha has resulted in making the world go gaga over the trends set up on his app.

At Last, the App DreamLIVEindeed is the best and the most secured alternative to the banned Chinese apps and the fact that it is MADE IN INDIA, makes it more special.



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