Dream Live

Dream Live Streamer Agreement


“Convention Purpose”

In order to maintain a fresh and clean environment for Dream Live live platform, Dream Live subscribers to this live broadcasting convention and invites all hosts and audience ( all Dream Live account holders) to abide by and create a beautiful live broadcasting world of allusers. All users can experience healthy, positive and interesting content!


All Dream Live users (that is, all users who have a Dream Live account).

“Prohibited Items”

  1. Inappropriate content of Pornography, nudity or obscenity.
  2. Violence, intimidation or similar inappropriate content.
  3. Abusive, malicious criticism, attack, obscenity, defamatory organizations or individuals speech or behavior.
  4. Promote religious practices.
  5. Political Ideas, election Campaign (Display Banner / Campaign Slogan, etc.).
  6. Smokes, shows cigarettes or tobacco advertisements and others acts.
  7. Ingest, display drugs or sell or share and others acts.
  8. Alcoholism, wine or wine ads for display.
  9. Gambling, advertising gambling, gaming and other inappropriate behavior.
  10. Demonstrate, sell and use guns and ammunition.
  11. Disseminate content that infringes the rights of others (including but not limited to portrait rights, Intellectual property rights, etc.).
  12. When starting to use other personal identity (non-my avatar, photos, names, etc.).
  13. For the brand, personal, product, direct marketing, soliciting client such as advertising profit – oriented intention of the act.
  14. Minors (other than special contracts) are those who legally “have no capacity” to launch live broadcasts.
  15. Any form of money-making, soliciting abetting donations behavior.
  16. While driving the vehicle (such as driving,sailing, riding a motorcycle or bicycle) live.
  17. Live sleeping, blank screen, all black screen or freeze frame (poor network environment), horizontal screen and other meaningless also affect the experience of poor live content.
  18. Malicious disrupt the live broadcast room (frequency washing/ abusing gossip)
  19. Propaganda other competitive platform in any form, in the live broadcast at the same time open other live platform behavior.
  20. Other content is not deemed appropriate by Dream Live monitoring team, if the above “Prohibited items” have not been exhausted, Dream Live will keep the right to add/ delete / change the Prohibited items and the final explanation.

“Report irregularities and corresponding punishments”

1. In case of violation of the Dream Live Prohibition Matters, the Dream Live monitoring team will , as the case may be , direct broadcast to the violation account, and terminate the live broadcast or account suspension if there is a serious violation ( persuasion is no correct).

2. Hidden live, live broadcast or account suspension, etc., Dream Live team will consider the severity of violations as appropriate,.

4. If you have any questions or complaints about “Prohibited Items and Corresponding Disposal “ please fill out the “Feedback form” inDream Live application >My>feedback. OurDream Live customer support Team will reply you on your email within 24 hours. Reply or deal with the reaction of the response may vary. Dream Livesupport January 9, 2021.